Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prague by Day and Night

  We wandered around Prague this morning, visiting little shops and stopping at street vendors for hot chocolate and hot wine whenever we got cold.  By the time we came back to the hotel this evening it was 22 degrees, and with the windchill factor it felt like 13.  Even mulled wine can't help with that cold.
  Allie and I visited the Mucha Museum this afternoon. He was the artist responsible for the Art Nouveau movement.  It was a lovely museum, and it was located right between the Hogwart's church and the Christmas market.
  We spent the evening at the market, watching traditional dancers and musicians perform.  There was a petting zoo with a very cute goat.  We ate at the market, bought some souveniers, and now we're people-watching out our hotel window, which is opposite a little square with a church.  Tomorrow we are training to Vienna.

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