Monday, December 17, 2012

Budapest- Gateway to the East

  We (barely) caught the train to Budapest today, and traveled through the Austrian and Hungarian coutryside, which was lovely, but didn't have any wolves.  The train was late coming in to Vienna, so it only paused for about 2 minutes, barely enough time for us to jump on board.
  We arrived in Budapest, and it is the most exotic city we've seen so far.  We were reminded of the quote in Dracula when Jonathan says that upon arriving in Budapest, he felt like he was leaving the West.
  The main Christmas market was amazing, with live music, and the most beautiful crafts we've seen so far.  It felt just like something out of Harry Potter.  We even saw a vender in a top hat, and a man in a plaid cape roasting chestnuts on the corner. So Dickensian!  Tomorrow we are going back to the market, and then setting off to explore the city.

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  1. This blog has been such a treat to follow...thank you guys for taking the time to put it together for us! We're even tracking you on Google maps. It all sounds so intriguing! Sending love and wishes for more inspiring travel experiences! And, Happy Birthday Mike...a few days late! :)