Sunday, December 9, 2012

Arrival in Paris

     Entry from Saturday- when I didn't plug in the tablet correcty and it didn't charge.

  We arrived in Paris this morning.  It's a cold, blustery day, but just beautiful nonetheless.
     We had to wait a bit for a bus, because the first one got in a fender bender as it pulled in to pick us up, but we didn't mind, because we were in Paris!
After taking the bus and the metro, we checked into our hotel, the Grand Hotel Leveque, on Rue Cler, where Dad famously offended Madam Leveque by asking for a second cup of coffee some twenty years ago.  We left off bags and went exploring.  We especially liked the little Christmas tree stand on Rue Cler.
We got some quiches and croissants and sat beside the Eiffel Tower to eat our snack.

  Then we wandered down to the Arc de Triumph and checked out a Christmas Market.


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