Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Unexpected Day in Budapest

  Our tour today was a bust.  We understood it to be a boat on the river with time to explore three charming little villages, and then possibly a bus back since it's winter.  When we arrived we were told it was 10 hours in a bus, with free time in only one village, and that they never spend more than an hour on the river, even in summer.  We didn't want to sit all day since we are flying home tomorrow, so we abandoned ship (so to speak) and spent another day in town.
  We went to the Christmas market again for more souvenirs, and I found a booth selling prints by one of my favorite artists on Etsy.  I had no idea she was from Budapest!  So I got my favorite picture of two foxes, directly from the artist.  What fun!  I also saw the funniest-looking pug, peeking out at me from a lady's purse.
  Some of us went to the Hard Rock Cafe and sat between Janis Joplin's purse and Jimi Hendrix's poncho-shirt.  A very fun international travel experience.  The rest of our party went back to the Great Market Hall for lunch.  Allie spotted a very funny pig, and great fun was had by all.
  We all met up and went to the Big Ben Teahaz for a nice spot of afternoon tea.  Then Allie and Marc went to the turkish baths.
  Tomorrow morning we fly home.  As soon as I get back I will fix all the mistakes on this blog and take a sledgehammer to my tablet.  So check back in a few days and it should be all fixed.  All is fixed and rearranged.  Please enjoy, thanks for following our adventures, and Happy Holidays!

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  1. It looks like you made a great day out of a possible bust of a boat ride....that's what traveling is all about. Thanks for sharing your good times with us...we have enjoyed every post, even if your tablet winds up in bits and pieces! :) Fondly, Kate and Rob